Traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation

brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation

Institute’s cognitive rehabilitation department, among other
things, is engaged in the rehabilitation of people who suffered a
traumatic brain injury (TBI). Traumatic brain injury is caused as a
result of any kind of external injury causing brain damage and
leading to injury of the patient’s ability to function, according
to the nature and level of each injury.

our department, we also recognize and provide services for people
suffering from less severe brain injuries, which cause damage to the
patients’ functioning levels, but without causing diagnosed brain
damage. We also refer them to relevant medical resources that might
assist with their rehabilitation.

every day

brain injury of this type generally causes physical symptoms such as
motor skill damage, cognitive changes and impairment, memory damage,
concentration and attention damage, reality awareness and perception
damage, language and speech damage. In addition, in most cases, this
type of injury can also affect emotional and behavioral aspects.

brain injuries mostly occur suddenly, and therefore have significant
impact over the patients’ life. Their functioning levels are
suddenly damaged, a situation which deeply affects their quality of
life, and the quality of life of the people around them.

is the purpose of our treatment?

the brain injury, the first stage would be medical care. Later on,
the patients are referred to rehabilitative hospitals, where they
receive intensive and long rehabilitation treatments. The next stage
in the process is improving the patients’ cognitive abilities –
this is where Feuerstein Institute comes in.

Feuerstein Institute’s cognitive rehabilitation department, we help
our patients improve their cognitive, linguistic, and functional
abilities, and assist them in finding an occupation suitable to their
new abilities and their wishes. We assess their existing abilities,
the challenges they are facing, and try to find the right learning
tools to help them make progress.

do we do it?

begin the process with an LPAD assessment (a type of assessment
uniquely developed by Feuerstein Institute, according to the
Feuerstein method) intended to comprehensively assess the capacities
of each of the Institute’s patients. According to the assessment’s
results, as well as the goals set by the patients for themselves, we
construct a personal treatment plan for each patient, intended to
advance their cognitive and linguistic abilities, allowing them to
improve their functioning level.

treatment method is comprehensive and unique:

  • Our
    treatment includes the instrumental enrichment program, developed by
    the Institution, with the purpose of improving the patients’
    cognitive abilities
  • We
    combine treatments from various fields, which assist in the
    enhancement of our patients’ various abilities, such as:
    occupational therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitative teaching, and
  • We
    practice improving all various functional abilities in order to
    allow for comprehensive rehabilitative work, at the end of which,
    our patients reach their maximum functioning levels, allowing them
    to become integrated in occupational work suitable to their

At Feuerstein Institute, we believe that
anyone can be rehabilitated from traumatic brain injuries, and go
back to living a full and active life.

are invited to join us on a journey that will give your loved ones
back their joy and the ability to navigate the course of their lives.

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The cost of treatment for a child with special cognitive needs is US$ 5,000
Help us to change a child’s life.

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