Stroke and CVA Rehabilitation

Stroke and CVA Rehabilitation

Strokes and CVA’s are generally sudden occurrences that completely change the lives of their victims by damaging their cognitive abilities and affecting their ability to functions. These injuries significantly impact the quality of the patient’s life and that of the people around them.

Types of CVAs

  • Ischemic strokes, which are the byproducts of a blood clot or blocked artery. This type is more common.
  • Hemorrhagic strokes, which result from untreated high blood pressure or damage to the blood vessel wall. This type is less common.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

At the Feuerstein Institute’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center (BIRC), specialists work with the patients to help improve their cognitive, linguistic and functional abilities, and assist them in finding an occupation suitable to their new abilities and desires. The staff assesses their existing abilities, the challenges they are currently facing, and works to design a therapeutic regimen with the right tools to help the patients make progress.

CVA Rehabilitation Program

The BIRC programs are comprehensive and intensive. They include:

  • Instrumental Enrichment
  • Multi-disciplinary treatments, including occupational
    therapy, speech therapy, rehabilitative teaching and neuropsychology
  • Practice improving all various functional abilities in
    order to allow for comprehensive rehabilitation resulting in occupational

“At Feuerstein Institute, we believe that anyone can be rehabilitated from Strokes and CVAs, and return to living a full and active life.”

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