The Residential Rehabilitation Center

The Residential Rehabilitation Center

The Gift of Independence

The Feuerstein Institute’s Residential Rehabilitation Center provides dormitory housing and communal living for men and woman, ages 22-55, with varying degrees of special needs. At the Center, residents are encouraged and taught to live independent lives and participate in activities aimed at accomplishing this goal, such as learning to shop, cook meals, and navigate the transit system. Residents also have the option to participate in outside programming, such as work placement, the IDF volunteer corps, and matriculation studies at the Mitchell Evening School. Residents are also offered courses in social etiquette and have the option of participating in group trips and programming within Israel and abroad.

The Residential Rehabilitation Center operates under the supervision of Rehabilitation Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor and Social Services.

“Rehabilitation is the ultimate goal at the Feuerstein Institute’s Residential Rehabilitation Center; we want to see our graduates become active members of society, in accordance to their personality and skills, while maintaining a high quality of life. Program graduates have successfully integrated into outside communities, and lead independent, conscientious and socially involved lives.”


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The cost of treatment for a child with special cognitive needs is US$ 5,000
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