Feuerstein in the Classroom

The Feuerstein Method is a unique educational technique, which aspires to narrow educational achievement gaps. It has the established ability to transform students of all ages and backgrounds into better, more equipped learners by identifying and enhancing their cognitive and analytic skills. It is used in thousands of classrooms throughout the world, with varied populations of students, and has been proven to work successfully with gifted, normative and underachieving children alike.

The Teacher as a Mediator

The Feuerstein Method is a process-oriented cognitive intervention program. It is a highly effective educational solution because of how it is implemented; information is mediated, rather than taught, to the students. Instead of forcing the students to conform to a one-size-fits-all educational model, the material is conveyed to the children in a way that is meaningful to them and easier to process. The Feuerstein Method also introduces students to a new, rich vocabulary of ‘Feuerstein words,’ which helps students and teachers alike bridge concepts to curricular subjects.

Program Elements

  • Teacher training
  • Student Assessments
  • Classroom implementation (instruction and activities)
  • Teacher Coaching

“Feuerstein Institute aspires to empower the most significant people in students’ lives – their teachers, to allow students to take back control over their thinking and information processes, and to help create a new educational dialogue and climate in their schools.”

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