Employment Training Center

The Right to Work At Feuerstein Institute, we believe in the ability of adults with special needs to continue to grow and learn, and in their basic right to participate in normal, interesting, and challenging work. The Feuerstein Employment Training Program provides differently-abled young adults with a range of employment and educational activities geared toward… Continue Reading Employment Training Center

Assessment and Screening

In today’s dynamic world, potential has become a more important commodity than knowledge or experience. The Feuerstein Institute operates several programs designed to identify candidates demonstrating the greatest potential to succeed in the classroom or workplace, by examining their ability to use and cope with information in various types of cognitive exercises. The Process Assessments… Continue Reading Assessment and Screening

Language Arts for Adults

A New Path The greatest challenge facing many Ethiopian immigrants in their struggle to integrate into Israeli society is their issues with the language, in particular, with reading and writing. Coming from a preliterate culture that emphasizes oral tradition over the written word, learning to read and write in Hebrew not only challenges their language… Continue Reading Language Arts for Adults

Aim Higher – Feuerstein in Academia

The Feuerstein Institute is dedicated to creating a more inclusive and diverse Israeli society. In 2010, Feuerstein launched Aim Higher, a program which to date has helped support more than 300 Israelis from the Ethiopian community and the social periphery (residents of development towns, Israeli Arabs and Bedouins, and the like) in pursuing their goals… Continue Reading Aim Higher – Feuerstein in Academia

Feuerstein in the Classroom

The Feuerstein Method is a unique educational technique, which aspires to narrow educational achievement gaps. It has the established ability to transform students of all ages and backgrounds into better, more equipped learners by identifying and enhancing their cognitive and analytic skills. It is used in thousands of classrooms throughout the world, with varied populations… Continue Reading Feuerstein in the Classroom

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