Learning materials

Learning materials

Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Standard and Instrumental Enrichment Basic Instruments are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Czech and Polish.

Instrumental Enrichment Standard Teacher’s Manuals by Reuven Feuerstein and Mildred Hoffman. A manual is available for each of the 14 tools.

The Feuerstein Enrichment Basic Program: User’s Guide by Reuven Feuerstein, R.S. Feuerstein and L. H. Falik.

Mediated Learning Experience Guidelines for Parents by Reuven Feuerstein, R.S. Feuerstein, N. Ben Schachar, M. Cohen and A. Rathner

Learning Potential Assessment Device: Examiner’s Manual (3rd edition) by Reuven Feuerstein, R.S. Feuerstein and L.H. Falik.

Learning Potential Assessment Device Basic: Examiner’s Manual by Reuven Feuerstein, R.S. Feuerstein and edited by L.H. Falik.

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