Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation Program

Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation Program

Society. Relationships. Marriage.

There are many programs that work toward the goal of helping to integrate individuals with different needs into greater society. Yet, there is still one area that has gone largely unaddressed; the need for the differently-abled adults to form lasting, loving, supporting and supported partnerships and marriages.

The Feuerstein Institute, in partnership with the Ruderman Family Foundation, has addressed this need by launching the Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation Program, a comprehensive social training program that provides young people with disabilities with the requisite skills to form long-term partnerships and marry. The participants also receive instruction and tools in practical life skills, to aide in running and maintaining a shared household and creating a rich family life.

The Program

The Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation program is intended for high functioning young adults with cognitive disabilities who are single, in a new couple, part of a couple in a meaningful relationship, as well as married couples. The program is divided into several stages, which the participants advance through according to their development as an individual, and eventually, as a unit.

Parent’s Course

The Parent’s Course is intended for parents or guardians supporting their children through the process of developing intimate relationships. This course will:

  • Help you understand the process your child is going through.
  • Assist you in discussing dilemmas related to your children’s partnerships.
  • Become partners in your children’s partnership processes.

Professional Course for Partnership and Marriage Preparation

This course is intended for professionals wishing to become instructors in the Feuerstein Partnership and Family Preparation Method. The course includes training in Feuerstein’s Theory of Mediated Learning, as well as specialization in Partnership and Marriage Preparation.

“At Feuerstein Institute, we believe that loving and being loved is a basic right, and that we all deserve good and stable relationships and a family life. At the Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation Center, we stretch society’s existing boundaries, and encourage young people with disabilities to form partnerships, marriage, and a family life.”


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