Prerequisites for participation in this course include: a. Successful completion of the Trainers Level 1 course; b. Submittal of Evidence of Practice to Feuerstein Institute pertaining to practice as Trainer level 1.

Submittal of Evidence of Practice must include the standard report of IE training/supervision implementation (to be obtained from the Feuerstein Institute), and two Training Session Plans (mandatory), articles (optional),videos and other material pertaining to training administered (optional). The candidates must comply with the CPD conditions up until presentation of candidacy, submit the recommendation of either their IE supervisor, a senior staff member of the school where the trainer taught, or any other person who supervised the candidate’s teaching and professional training activities. All the above materials should reach the Feuerstein Institute before May 15, 2020. Feuerstein Institute reserves the right to reject candidature on the basis of committee members’ opinions that the candidate has not met the established requirements for acceptance.

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Formatori 2 PAS Standard is open to those trainers who have successfully completed Formatori 1 PAS Standard, submitted all their related documentation, met co-training requirements, and have been approved to continue in their trainer training. 

Course Dates:
July 11-22, 2021

Course meets daily from approximately 10:00 GMT+3 – 15:00 GMT+3.

  • Course times may deviate slightly, depending on the day’s schedule.
  • Course times are subject to change, based on participant enrollment.

Standard registration closes on May 15, 2021


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