Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Theory Course

Goals of the seminar: 

In this intensive three-day course. We will explore the way to resolve conflicts, as parents, teachers and professionals in a new way. in a way that not only allows to get to a resolution but mediates important structural elements. So, it may help the to deal with the next conflicts they may meet, in a better and efficient way.

We will deal with the issues of – how to transform a highly emotional conflict energy, into a possible corporative dialogue, that may lead to a win- win resolution. And what cognitive concepts can we mediate throughout the process.

The course is based on the basic conflict mediation structure, integrated with the structural mediated learning experience, and emotional work.


Practicum Course

In this two-day intensive course, we will practice cases of conflicts, from different aspects of life, school, family, work etc. through group simulations. In a way to assimilate the methods, tools and language of the Structural Conflict Mediation process.  The course is open to the graduates of the basic course. And it is a complementary to it.


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