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Being an educator is one of the most important and valuable roles in society. It can also be among the most challenging and difficult. As our world becomes more technologically advanced, educational disparities and learning gaps become more obvious, leading to more behavioral and emotional issues, and ultimately, an increase in drop-out rates.

The Feuerstein Method can help. By systematically teaching students to become better learners through instructor-led mediation, the Feuerstein Method empowers, strengthens, and enhances both students and teachers alike. Due to its adaptable design, Feuerstein has been proven as effective for gifted students as it is for remedial learners, most notably in areas such as academic performance, intrinsic motivation, dropout reduction and prevention, and teacher satisfaction. Research has also shown that cognitive skills acquired through the Feuerstein Method are sustained long-term, positively affecting students well beyond their education!

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Every Child Can Improve How They Learn
Early Childhood
Primary & Middle School
High School & University
STEM Education
Learn to Learn

Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment programs are process-based cognitive intervention programs that are used to help children, adolescents, teens, and adults enhance their learning abilities and improve how they learn.

  • FIE Standard is a curricular content free program that focuses on developing cognitive skills, such as comparing, classification, analysis and synthesis, and hypothetical reasoning.
  • FIE Basic focuses on providing a foundation for learning by developing general concepts, emerging cognitive functions (such as self-regulation, generalization and conceptualization) and internal motivation.
  • FIE Tactile is an innovative learning intervention that uses touch and movement in order to enable learners with ADHD and visually impaired learners to develop critical thinking skills.

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STEM Education

A STEM-based education provides students with the necessary technical skills to inspire innovation. However, the packaged STEM lesson plans do not include the important, foundational brain-based skills needed for success. 

FIE STEM fills in these gaps. The program prepares teachers to intentionally and explicitly mediate learning skills in a systematic way,  helping students to improve their mental flexibility and critical thinking by focusing on different STEM based dispositions. 

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Interpersonal Skills

Feuerstein’s courses guide educators in developing their student’s interpersonal skills, teaching them how to effectively communicate, and avoid and resolve conflicts.

  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution is an intensive five day seminar focused on resolving conflicts that arise between friends, parents and children, and children and teachers (and other authority figures). The course combines Feuerstein’s principles of mediation with structural elements of conflict mediation to create a more efficient path to diffuse conflicts.
  • Emotional Social Intelligence seminar is a three day workshop in which participants will study Feuerstein’s Basic Social Emotional Intelligence instruments for use with older children and teens. This is the perfect course for helping your child to socially re-acclimate post-COVID!

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