We've missed you!

It has been too long since we have been together in person! While it’s always great to see one another at our Feuerstein Sunday Lecture Series (not a yet a member? Join now – for FREE!), its not the same as gathering over coffee and snacks during breaks, or for drinks in the lounge after an intensive day of learning. That’s why we can’t wait for July, when we can be together once again!

You will NOT want to miss this Shoresh! In addition to offering all the courses you have come to expect at an in-person Shoresh (including the much requested Tactile and Tactile Trainers) we are bringing you several new seminars to more deeply enhance your knowledge and refine your mediation skills!

All this, AND we will also be unveiling the newest Feuerstein products – designed to make your work faster, more efficient, and less expensive!

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New at Shoresh 2023!
LPAD-Digital (LPAD-D)
Mediation & Conflict Resolution
Therapeutic MLE
Intensive Mediation Seminar
New Seminars

Mediation & Conflict Resolution Seminar:

Are you looking for inspiration on how to apply Feuerstein’s principles of mediation in real life situations? Join instructor Daniel-Bar Feuerstein for an intensive five day seminar focused on resolving conflicts that arise between friends, siblings, parents and children, and children and teachers (and other authority figures).

Therapeutic Mediation Seminar:

The dynamic interpersonal interaction directed toward cognitive modifiability, through the application of FIE or LPAD or other related activities, is inherently therapeutic. In this new seminar Prof. Louis H. Falik will dive deep into this topic, focusing on recognizing and formulating responses relevant to the developmental stages of the interactive relationship.

Intensive Mediation Seminar (Standard & Basic):

Join us for a seminar that will change your perspective on mediation, helping you to enhance and fine-tune your skills. Participants will study under three senior FIE mediators, who will each demonstrate and then monitor your mediation interactions with children. This is a seminar that is guaranteed to help you in your work!

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Dynamic Assessment (LPAD)

Feuerstein’s LPAD is a dynamic cognitive assessment that is used to determine how an individual thinks and learns. It uses a test-mediate-retest model to demonstrate an individual’s ability to understand and use new knowledge – to learn.

LPAD for Primary School Ages Students:

This course is intended for clinical, educational, or vocational specialists authorized to function as assessors in their country. Participants will learn how to administer Feuerstein’s dynamic assessment for grade school age children, to understand and interpret the results, and write reports to guide the child’s learning plan.


Leap into the Digital Age with Feuerstein’s new and improved LPAD-Digital! Intended for FIE Practitioners, the LPAD-D is intended for anyone who wishes to be able to conduct a quick assessment of a child’s learning potential.  While helpful, no background in LPAD is required!

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FIE & Trainers Courses

Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment programs are process-based cognitive intervention programs that are used to help children, adolescents, teens, and adults enhance their learning abilities and improve how they learn.

  • FIE Standard is a curricular content free program that focuses on developing cognitive skills, such as comparing, classification, analysis and synthesis, and hypothetical reasoning.
  • FIE Basic focuses on providing a foundation for learning by developing general concepts, emerging cognitive functions (such as self-regulation, generalization and conceptualization) and internal motivation.
  • FIE Tactile is an innovative learning intervention that uses touch and movement in order to enable learners with ADHD and visually impaired learners to develop critical thinking skills.
  • FIE STEM prepares teachers to intentionally and explicitly mediate learning skills in a systematic way,  helping students to improve their mental flexibility and critical thinking by focusing on different STEM based dispositions. 

Are you passionate about the Feuerstein Method? Consider becoming a Feuerstein Trainer!

  • FIE Trainers 1 is the first course on the path to being an FIE trainer. Taught by Master trainers, Dr. Meir Ben-Hur and Prof. Alex Kozulin.
  • FIE Tactile is the complete trainer’s course for the Tactile program. Candidates must be FIE trainers, in either Standard or Basic.

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