Learn how to learn around the world

Learn how to learn around the world

The Feuerstein method is successfully implemented in over 40 countries around the world, thanks to its simplicity and the easy adjustment it allows. Education institutions all around the world implement this method as part of their education program, in order to improve their students’ thinking skills, allowing them to learn how to learn. In other places, the Feuerstein method is used as a clinical intervention tool, allowing children to overcome the barriers disrupting their learning process, thereby improving the functioning levels of anyone who needs improvements.

Recognizing human potential anywhere around the world

Feuerstein Institute’s international department is responsible for the Feuerstein method’s large scope of activity, as part of education and commercial programs around the world, working with governments, and entities from the private sector. Our method, developed by the founder of the Institute, Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, and which we constantly continue to develop, is implemented by professionals and various companies around the world – from Australia in the south, through Brazil, the USA, and all the way to Finland in the north.

Why do we do it, and how?

We believe that the more people in the world are exposed to the Feuerstein method, the more we could expand our full human potential. In order to do this, we take several steps allowing us to disseminate the method as far as we can:


” Through the Feuerstein International Academic Training Center – we organize the international “Shoresh” workshop, which constitutes the pinnacle event in the annual training schedule of our method. This event allows hundreds of participants to be exposed to the Feuerstein method and to practice it, learn from colleagues, meet up, and enhance their professional knowledge. “


Creating partnerships – we use the Feuerstein method to improve the public and private work force, through cooperation with government agencies, education systems, and privatized companies, in various countries around the world.

Assisting disadvantages groups – we use the Feuerstein method to contribute to the international community, by offering specialized programs for disadvantaged groups around the world.

Disseminating our method in the academic world – we teach our method in an ever-growing number of universities around the world, such as Florence University in Italy, Antwerp University in Belgium, Charles University in the Czech Republic, and more. All in order to achieve our goal of using our method to help as many people as possible around the world.

Each person has a place and deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential. The Feuerstein method allows you to do it, almost anywhere in the world.

You’re welcome to join us, to embrace our method, and be part of the international Feuerstein family.

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Authorized Training Centers

Feuerstein’s Authorized Training Centers operate in approximately 35 countries around the world, allowing each and every person of learn our method, whether as part of state education or in special education institutions, in colleges, universities, and specialized training programs.

“Shoresh” summer workshop

The “Shoresh” workshop has been taking place every summer since 1979, comprising Feuerstein Institute’s pinnacle learning event. The workshop offers over a dozen courses over the span of two weeks, concerning all aspects of our method, and creating a place where professionals from all around the world can connect and learn together.



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