This is my first experience with Feuerstein method; which course should I take?

If you are a classroom teacher or clinician you should register for Instrumental Enrichment (IE) Level 1. If you are an educator or clinician working with younger children you should register for Instrumental Enrichment for Younger Children Level 1(IE-Basic 1). If you are a psychologist, clinician or educator with interest in assessment and you have previous assessment experience you may register for Learning PotentialAssessment Device (LPAD). This is my first experience with Feuerstein method; which course should I take?

May I register for multiple courses?

Each course requires full-time attendance. You may register for multiple courses provided they are running during different weeks. For example, you may take Think Math! (July 5-9, 2021) and FIE Basic 1 (July 11-16, 2021) together, but not Think Math! (July 5-9, 2021) and FIE Standard 1 (July 5-9, 2021).

When does the Shoresh begin? What is the daily schedule?

The workshop dates and times vary by course. Please see the course description for more information.

I am a B.A. student; may I participate in Shoresh?

Yes, you may register for either the IE Level 1 or for IE Basic-Level 1.

I would like to prepare myself for the Shoresh Workshops. Is there any recommended literature?

We encourage you to read the theoretical material available on our website here, and as well as the two main books Feuerstein, R. et al. (2002). The dynamic assessment of cognitive modifiability. Jerusalem: ICELP Press and Feuerstein, R. et al (2006). Creating and enhancing cognitive modifiability. Jerusalem: ICELP Press, that can be ordered from Feuerstein Publishing House.

What is included in the Shoresh fee?

The Shoresh fees cover the cost of instruction and learning materials delivered to your home.

Are there stipends available to cover part of the fees?

Teachers from the European Union can obtain travel stipends  via the Erasmus+ Program. To apply for stipends, your school should submit application to your national Erasmus+ office.

What is the registration deadline?

 The registration deadline for the Shoresh Summer Workshops is May 15, 2021.

Candidates for all Trainers courses are required to submit documentation regarding their previous training and experience by April 15th, 2021.

Is it possible that my course will be cancelled?

The Feuerstein Instititute reserves the right to cancel any courses which fail to meet the minimum participation requirement. Fees for courses cancelled by the Institute will be refunded.

I registered, but am no longer able to attend Shoreh. Is there a penalty for cancelling my registration?

There is a €100 processing charge for reimbursement of workshop fees for cancellation made before the registration deadline. There are no refunds for cancellations after May 15, 2021.

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