FIE STEM: Spatial-Visual Thinking


The course is open to university students, educators, and other professionals interested in cognitive strategies in STEM teaching and learning. 

Advanced Reading:

Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction to the theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability;
  • Introduction to the Theory of Mediated Learning Experience;
  • Challenges of teaching STEM subjects;
  • Goals of “Spatial-Visual Thinking” program;
  • The principles of “bridging” from cognitive strategies to STEM teaching/learning;
  • Comprehensive instruction in the use of the cognitive instruments “Organization of Dots”, “Orientation in Space-1”, “Analytic Perception” and “Representational Stencil Design
  • Preparation and presentation of exercises that “bridge” cognitive strategies to STEM subjects.

Learning Materials:

  • Course participants will receive a set of 4 cognitive instruments “Organization of Dots”, “Orientation in Space-1”, “Analytic Perception”, and “Representational Stencil Design

Upcoming Courses:

  • July 16-21, 2023 in Rome, Italy


Course participants will be awarded a Certificate of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment – STEM Mediator for “Spatial-Visual Thinking”

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