Emotional Social Intelligence Seminar

Emotional Social Intelligence or ESI is one of the hottest buzzwords in education today. It is the ability to recognize one’s own behavior, mood, and impulses, and to best manage them according to the situation. ESI has become especially important in our post-COVID world, where many people (children, teens, and adults alike!) have suffered from lack of natural everyday interactions, and the skills that are learned from these interactions. 

Feuerstein’s Emotional Social Intelligence seminar aims at training practitioners to teach students about social and emotional experiences with the help of the cognitive functions. In this emphasis, the course materials present a dimension of cognitive processing that is a somewhat unique perspective considering the various programs that teach “thinking skills.” 

In interacting with the world around us, it is very important to access the social emotional dimension of cognitive development. Many individuals lack the ability to innately understand or read social cues, and so it has become clear that we need to prepare children to develop awareness, skills, and insight into how to react to the emotional manifestation of their experiences, both internally (what they feel) and externally (what is present in the situation they are exposed to).

The tools taught in this course will help them to develop the ability to recognize and explain certain conditions presented to them, which is particularly important in situations in which children are not able to distinguish the emotional conditions of others, an important prerequisite of empathy.  Also necessary is the ability to distinguish nuances of feelings, for example differentiating fear from surprise, or understand and observe the differences between happiness and joy.  These skills and awareness of them require from the child the development of cognitive processes, the quality of which can be described as “social/affective cognition.” 


Materials included in this workshop are three instruments from the FIE-Basic tools (Identifying Emotions, From Empathy to Action, and Think and Learn to Prevent Violence).

Upcoming Seminar(s):

  • October 22, 24, & 26, 16:00-21:00 GMT+2 

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