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Today’s world is very different than that of twenty years ago. We have lived through a technological explosion; with information so readily available, content has become less important than the learning process. Join us this summer in Amsterdam and discover the Feuerstein Method – the only educational system which teaches the process behind enhancing learning and thinking skills in a structured, organized way. Deepen your professional knowledge of human modifiability by learning the method that has already helped millions of people worldwide develop their cognitive skills and tap into their latent abilities.

What It Is

The Feuerstein Method teaches the vitally important – and often overlooked – skill of learning how to learn. Our unique educational technique combines specially designed instruments and mediation in order to identify and enhance an individual’s learning potential. As a result, the learner gains the knowledge and tools required to reach beyond their manifest abilities.

How It Works

The Feuerstein Method is comprised of two applied systems; the Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) and Instrumental Enrichment (IE). The LPAD is an extensive, dynamic assessment. Its goal is to identify an individual’s learning potential, allowing the assessor to decipher which cognitive “buttons” need to be “pressed” in order to tap into the examinee’s latent abilities and maximize their learning potential.

The IE cognitive intervention program is comprised of a series of content free pencil-and-paper tasks, which may be taught in the classroom, in an after-school enrichment setting, or used as a part of a clinical therapy program. Each instrument teaches the user a vital cognitive strategy; to gather and apply information, to strategize, to problem solve – to learn.

What to Expect

The Workshop is the pinnacle event in the Feuerstein-Bassou International Training Academy calendar. At this two week training event you will be able to:

  • Meet hundreds of likeminded professionals from all over the world – an amazing opportunity to learn from your peers!
  • Take courses in all aspects of Feuerstein training.
  • Participate in professional forums and one-day seminars.
  • Learn from the foremost experts in the Feuerstein Method.


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