About Research and Development

About Research and Development

Exploring human potential

Feuerstein Institute’s research department has been supporting the Institute from the very beginning, because we believe that alongside treatment and education, we also have a real need to deepen our knowledge, develop our existing tools, and examine new treatment possibilities. This is what allows us to keep helping diverse groups across Israel and around the world, to reach their full potential.

Constantly grow and explore

Our research and development department is involved with all of the Institute’s activities, and is actively engaged in research and development of the clinical departments and the education department. With the help of ongoing control and assessment studies, we constantly improve and expand our existing programs, develop professional tools, and break new ground. We disseminate the information we gather through professional articles and international conferences, in order to make this information more accessible for academics on the one hand, and for policy makers and the general population on the other hand.

Why do we do it?

Our goal is to disseminate the Feuerstein method as far and wide as possible, in order to place Feuerstein Institute at the forefront, alongside leading institutes engaging with treatment, education, and research:

  • In order to validate and create a basis for the Feuerstein method in Israel as well as internationally
  • To promote and develop new plans, based on research results
  • To validate existing programs through research, based on our research results

How do we do it?

At Feuerstein Institute’s research department, we engage with ongoing research of the Institute’s diverse activities, with the purpose of validating them through research:

Cognitive intervention with the elderly – we examine the impacts of cognitive intervention with elderly persons suffering from cognitive impairment, analyze the findings, and reach conclusions which allow us to improve treatment.

Cognitive intervention with people who suffered from brain injury or a stroke – we examine the changes occurring among patients suffering from various brain injuries, assess the Institute’s rehabilitation program’s efficiency, and learn how to further assist them.

Various interventions by the education department – we follow up and assess various projects of the department: the integration of Ethiopian immigrants, intervention in agricultural education schools, and intervention in primary schools in East Jerusalem, in order to learn how this interference affects individuals’ learning capacities.


” Intervention with clients with autism – we study and assess changing patterns in symptoms, mediation, and the cognitive abilities of clients with autism. “


Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation Center assessment – we study the efficiency of this program, which is intended to allow young people with disabilities form intimate relationships.

At Feuerstein Institute, we believe that constant exploration and study can help as many people as possible reach their full potential.

We invite you to walk with us, on a path that could help us learn how to keep doing what we do, even better.

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