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In today’s dynamic world, potential has become a more important commodity than knowledge or experience. The Feuerstein IInstitute operate several programs designed to identify candidates demonstrating the greatest potential to succeed in the classroom or workplace, by examining their ability to use and cope with information in various types of cognitive exercises.

The Process

Assessments and screenings begin with use of Feuerstein’s LPAD dynamic assessment, which measure a candidate’s cognitive processing by identifying their intellectual strengths and weaknesses. As learning is an important part of the examination process, the LPAD has proven to be most effective at deciphering the way a candidate learns, and their potential for further growth.

Often, the assessment process will include a personal interview with the candidate, to determine that their ambitions are in line with their demonstrated abilities. Some projects will also include Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment, which helps further develop the candidates thinking and learning strategies.

Feuerstein in the Classroom

The Feuerstein Institute works with schools throughout Israel and the world, teaching educators to become more effective mediators to their students. Activities include student assessment, teacher training, classroom instruction and coaching.

Aim Higher: Feuerstein in Academia

Aim Higher, Feuerstein’s program in Academia, strives to create a more diverse and inclusive Israeli society by assisting young adults from the social and cultural periphery in gaining admission to the most prestigious faculties at Israel’s top universities, and providing support throughout their studies.

Language Arts for Adults

New Path, Feuerstein’s Language Arts for Adults program, aids Ethiopian immigrants in integrating into Israeli society by helping them to overcome the challenges preventing them from learning Hebrew and attaining requisite reading skills.

Occupational Assessment and Screening

The Feuerstein Occupational Assesment and Screening program seeks to assist companies in identifying the best candidates for a given employment position. The program utilizes Feuerstein Dynamic Assessment to measure the candidates across multiple levels of functioning, and identifying their learning potential.


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