of elderly people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI)

Institute’s cognitive rehabilitation department, among other
things, is engaged with the rehabilitation of elderly patients
suffering from mild cognitive impairment, affecting memory, language,
and other cognitive skills.

is irreversible

as people live longer than ever before, and the elderly population
has the fastest growth rates in the world, it is our goal to help
each and every person who needs it, to maintain a sound mind.

Despite the rise in life expectancy, diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s still require treatment. This type of diseases causes brain degeneration, affecting functioning, memory loss, and behavioral changes. While in the past, these diseases were considered irreversible, today we already know that with the right cognitive intervention, we can slow down and even prevent impairment.

” People suffering from MCI, as opposed to dementia or Alzheimer’s, maintain their functioning levels and can continue maintaining an independent daily life. However, their cognitive impairments disrupt their normal routines and create great frustration, often leading to dementia. “

it this diagnosed?

diagnoses can only be given by qualified physicians. However, there
are a number of symptoms that might indicate cognitive impairment,
and help you better understand the situation:

  • Frequent
    loss of items (more than normal)
  • Frequent
    forgetfulness of conversations, scheduled meetings, or important
  • Difficulty
    to remember the names of new acquaintances
  • Difficulty
    in following conversations
  • Repetition
    of the same questions or comments
  • Mild

is the purpose of this treatment?

Feuerstein Institute’s cognitive rehabilitation department, we
first and foremost wish to improve the quality of life for patients
suffering from MCI. Cognitive impairment can be felt through memory,
attention, and concentration difficulties, the ability to recall
words, stories, etc. Therefore, by focusing on improving memory
capacity and providing new skills and strategies, we might ease their
difficulties in conducting their daily lives.

do we do it?

  • We
    combine a number of unique tools and methods according to the
    Feuerstein method:
  • Combining
    between instrumental enrichment (a learning and information
    processing tool) and skills based on tasks, in optimal learning
  • We
    believe that persistence is the key to attaining the best results
    and improving cognitive skills
  • We
    use mediation, which helps our patients to feel safer and more
  • We
    adjust the treatment methods, frequency, and pace, to the needs of
    each and every patient

Feuerstein Institute, we believe that cognitive impairment can be
treated in elderly people, and that flexibility, easy techniques, and
convenient costs, are what makes our method unique, and comprises the
key for success.

invited to join us on a journey that would allow your loved ones to
keep on living a full and comfortable life for a very long time.

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The cost of treatment for a child with special cognitive needs is US$ 5,000
Help us to change a child’s life.

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