About Department of Graduates

About Department of Graduates

Moving from ‘Different’ to ‘Equal’

Feuerstein Institute believes in every person’s basic right to live
an equal and normal life. In accordance with this vision, the
Feuerstein School of Continuing Education operates several programs
for adults (age 18+) with genetic and mental disabilities who wish to
continue developing their cognitive and social skills. Feuerstein’s
programs are aimed at community integration, through the housing,
obtaining vital and meaningful employment and preparation for family

“Don’t Accept Me As I Am”

The School of Continuing Education programs is designed to be transformative environments, based on the values of accountability, vitality, fulfillment of roles within society, helping others, and acquiring new knowledge and skills.

Through interaction with diverse populations, the young adults in these programs help to heighten the social position of adults with disabilities and break down stigmas. In turn, this supports their future development and allows them to

Do We Do It?

” Create a System: The combination of various programs allows Feuerstein to individual needs, proving solutions in the spheres of employment, housing, society, and education. ”

Potential: Using assessing and
screening to reveal each person’s capabilities, proclivities, and

Change Thinking:
Develop ways of thinking by providing assistance in overcoming
cognitive and emotional barriers, cultivate new thought patterns and
enrich cognitive structures.

and Empower: Encourage
constant development and empowerment of the participants’

Various Skills: Cultivate the
skills required to be independent, productive people who are involved
in their communities.

Feuerstein Institute believes in the ability of young people with
disabilities to be fully integrated into society, and their right to
personal development and a normative lifestyle.

Rehabilitation Center

Residential Rehabilitation Center is home to men and women with
varying degrees of special needs. Made up of two types of living
situations – dormitory and community housing – the residents are
taught to lead independent and active lives.

Preparation Center

Employment Preparation Center offers occupational and educational
services, which encourage communal integration through meaningful
employment. The Employment Center offers two distinct programs,
dependent on the participant’s level of functional ability: Green
Course – training and employment in the field of gardening and
recycling, and ALA (Anashim
LeMa’an Anashim
, People to
People) – working with the elderly population, and as assistants in

Partnership and Marriage Preparation Program

Hazon Partnership and Marriage
Preparation Program offer comprehensive training and guided
assistance on establishing and
maintaining lasting and intimate relationships with members of the
opposite gender, giving them the tools to create an enriching family

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The cost of treatment for a child with special cognitive needs is US$ 5,000
Help us to change a child’s life.

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