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Academic Intergration

This program, which enables educationally disadvantaged students to successfully pursue academic degrees, can serve as a model for educational equality programs around the world.

Test Case: Most Israeli youth take a standardized test called the Psychometric Exam, and their score on this test determines to a large degree their acceptance to university and elite army units. Many university programs require a minimum score of 650 (out of 800) but the average score of an Ethiopian high school graduate is 450. At the Feuerstein Institute, it was obvious to us that this score does not reflect the innate intelligence and learning abilities of this ethnic group, but rather their poor test-taking skills. The test was essentially acting as a cultural barrier, keeping some very intelligent people out of select army and university programs.

In a pilot program headed by the Feuerstein Institute at Bar-Ilan University, 19 Ethiopian high school graduates who had done well in school and in the Feuerstein dynamic assessment, but received low grades on the standardized test, were accepted to the university programs of their choice. In addition to the standard classes and coursework, the members of this pilot group received weekly cognitive training from Feuerstein professionals as well as financial aid, private tutoring and personal coaching. This supportive framework enabled the students to focus on their studies and succeed, cutting a path for others in their community to follow.

Program participants are studying law, medicine, economics, computer science, bio-engineering and other sought-after fields. Members of the initial group are almost finished with their studies, and a parallel program was opened at Hebrew University.

The Rector of Bar-Ilan University commented, “The absorption of Ethiopian students, using the Feuerstein Method, was a huge success which exceeded our expectations. The students are all doing well and some even finished their first year with honors!”

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