"We believe that every child has the potential to learn, and to be meaningfully integrated into school and family life. "

Intensive Treatment Program

The Intensive Treatment program caters to a wide spectrum of children on various functional levels. Clientele include children with various syndromes and learning disabilities, many of those are mainstreamed into regular schools. 

 Our goal is to create a tailor made program for every child that will develop their latent potential and raise their overall level of functioning. Based on the outcome of their assessment, an individualized program is prepared, integrating Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment tools and the requisite allied health therapies. When needed, we will refer to, and liaise with, other services and with the child's school to help create the optimal learning environment.

The staff is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and teachers who have been trained and specialize in Feuerstein’s methodology of cognitive modifiability and mediated learning. 

Elements of Therapy:

Instrumental Enrichment (IE) and Instrumental Enrichment Basic

IE is a cognitive erichment program whose main goals are enhancing thinking and learning skills, while cultivating self-concept and intrinsic movitation to learn. The IE program is comprised of fourteen paper and pencil exercises that gradualy increase in levels of difficulty and abstraction. The Instruments include transcendence and application to the child's academic or non academic world, providing them with the tools and strategies to tackle new learning material. 

The IE Basic tools are suited to younger children: they are designed to accelerate cognitive development, helping the child aquire the prerequisite skills and concepts for more advanced learning. 

Speech and Language Therapy

Therapy is provided by speech and language pathologists who ungergone specialized training in the intervention priciples of the Feuerstein Method. They integrate standard speech and language intervention protocol with our early intervention methods. 

Occupational Therapy

Therapy focuses on promoting the child’s functioning abilities while integrating between the classic occupational therapy approaches and Feuerstein’s methods. To this end, Occupational Therapists treat sensory, motor and writing delays alongside developing memory, planning and thinking processes. Independent functioning is encouraged as a basis for mainstreaming into normative surroundings. 

Cognitive Instruction

Instruction focuses on developing independent learning and thinking skills, while correcting deficient cognitive functions. Our staff of teachers specialize in Feuerstein’s reading method.


Counseling is provided by veteran psychologists to both the children in the form of play therapy, and to the parents and families.

To learn more about the Intensive Treatment Program or to schedule an assessment, please contact:

Jacqueline Levi or +972-2-569-3337.   

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