• Feuerstein Method

The world is a very different place that it was twenty years ago. We have lived through a technological explosion – information is available to everyone, everywhere, at the touch of button. Can you recall a time before Wikipedia? Facebook? Twitter? Today's most sought after professions – social media management, educational consultant, app developer – did not even exist ten years ago!


As the world changes, so must the way we learn. With information so readily accessable and easily available, content has become less important than the process. The Feuerstein Method is the only educational method that teaches students the process behind thinking and learning skills in an organized, structured way. 

A basic overview of what the Feuerstein Method is, how it works, and what makes it different.

The LPAD is Feuerstein's own dynamic form of assessment. It measures a learner's potential, rather than their current base of knowledge.

IE is a series of pencil and paper tasks designed to teach students how to process information.

The Tactile IE program is a hands-on, interactive and engaging learning solution for the visually impaired and those who learn better by touch (ADHD).

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