The Method in Action at the Ben Yakir Youth Village

The Ben Yakir Youth Village, located near Hadera, is home to adolescent boys from disadvantaged backgrounds. The majority of these teens come from poverty stricken families and broken homes. For many, the youth village is their last opportunity to turn their lives around and learn the skills required to integrate into Israeli society.

Two years ago, the school began implementation of the Feuerstein Method. When we began, the boys had great difficulty sitting still in the classroom, let alone paying attention to class instruction. Two years later – we have seen a tremendous turnaround in their behavior and academic ability. The students no matriculate at the same rate as the teens in normative schools throughout the country.

The best news of all was just shared with us by the youth village director – the graduating seniors have taken their psychotechnic (entrance exam) for the Israeli Air Force. On average, the Ben Yakir Youth Village students scored a 5.3 – well above the national average of 4!

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