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The Feuerstein Institute is an international education, treatment and research center, dedicated to helping people reach beyond their manifest ability through use of our groundbreaking educational technique, the Feuerstein Method.

Professor Reuven Feuerstein was the Founder and Chairman of the Feuerstein Institute, and is responsible for the vision, concepts, practices and substance of what makes up the Feuerstein Institute.

Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein is the President of the Feuerstein Institute located in Jerusalem, Israel. He spearheads the Institute's new initiatives, which include opening Feuerstein clinics worldwide, and designing and implementing new paradigms for application with special needs and disadvantaged populations.

The Board of Governors are our international governing body of friends and partners who aid the Feuerstein Institute in our efforts toward global expansion.

Our partners make it possible for us to continue our important and life changing work.

Hear from the people whose lives were changed by the Feuerstein Institute.

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